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The biggest issues facing the future of healthcare

Why do nurses need transport buddies?

Fewer hands & 4x Activity Growth

Globally, there is an all-time high shortage of nurses. In the EU, the shortage is anticipated to reach 2.3M by 2030, and in Denmark alone since 2001, the activity growth in hospitals is 4 times the number of nurses.

Fewer hands & 4x Activity Growth
6 out of 10 nurses are looking to leave their profession

6 out of 10 nurses are looking to leave their profession

An international survey of 2,500 nurses in July 2022 reported that 64% of nurses are looking to leave the healthcare profession, a nearly 40% increase from the surveys conducted in 2021. Three-quarters of those surveyed admitted having experienced burnout, experienced trauma, extreme stress or PTSD.

A third of a nurse day is spent walking

Surveying nurses different Danish Hospitals, we found that nurses spend only 40.1% of their time with the patient.

A third of a nurse day is spent walking

Our Solution

Probably The Best Software and Design!

We place the nurses at the center of our solution. We design and build our mobile robots from the ground up, in collaboration with hospitals and nurses.
Easy to integrate with the hospital infrastucture without the need for training courses.
We are addressing robotics from a fresh and innovative perspective, designing our robots to solve real problems and can potentially help improve everyone's lives.
Our robots are designed and programmed to ensure the highest safety standards required to navigate around people.

Our Team

The Minds Behind Yuman

We are an ambitious Copenhagen-based robotics startup addressing one of the major challenges facing healthcare - the shortage of nurses.

Together we are on a mission to develop innovative and unique robots to assist nurses by automating transportation activities in hospital wards, reduce nurse burnout and strengthen the healthcare system to continue to deliver world-class patient care.

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