Facilitating the care of the future with autonomous nurse companions.

We develop innovative robots to assist nurses as their own transport buddies by facilitating the delivery of food, laundry and medicine in hospital wards. Our robots will make more time and care for patients, improve nurses satisfaction and combat nurse burnout.

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The biggest issues facing the future of healthcare

Why do nurses need transport buddies?

Fewer hands & 4x Activity Growth

Globally, there is an all-time high shortage of nurses, and in Denmark alone since 2001, the activity growth in hospitals is 4 times the increase of nurses. The latest numbers of elderly show that in Denmark, up to 2030 there will be a 29% shortage of resources.

Fewer hands & 4x Activity Growth

In a year, the time spent in routine tasks in a Danish hospital is equivalent to ca. 365 full-time nurses.

77% of nurses solve non-nursing tasks during a normal working day

77% of nurses solve non-nursing tasks during a normal working day

According to Dansk Sygeplejeråd, nurses who solve non-nursing work tasks more often experience a lot of pressure and stress.

36.9% of a nurse's working day is spent on routine activities: food, medicine and laundry transport

Surveying 22 nurses from the Neurological Department of Bispebjerg Hospital in June 2021, we found that nurses spend only 40.1% of their time with the patient.

36.9% of a nurse's working day is spent on routine activities: food, medicine and laundry transport

Our Solution

Probably The Best Software and Design!

Social Navigation

Social Navigation

Autonomous navigation in a social-aware scenario, detecting and avoiding obstacles, specifically trained for hospital environments.

Human detection and trajectory prediction for safer human-robot collaboration.


Call the robot to the desired location with the press of a button using the nurses' Zebra phones.

Use case example: food in the kitchen is ready, someone calls the robot to pick the food and deliver it to a specific nurse.


Easy replacement of transportation carriage: for laundry, food, medicine, blood samples...

or anything your hospital needs!
Follow me

Follow me

Recognize and follow medical personnel while performing a task.

Use case example: the robot follows a nurse while collecting dirty linen from the patients' rooms.
Mobile Base

Mobile Base

Small enough to be user-friendly and not intimidating.

Tailor-made for hospital corridors and designed for the attachment of Yuman's transportation carriages.
Fleet Monitoring System

Fleet Monitoring System

Remotely plan and control all robots running in the hospital. Task assignment, live robot location tracking and monitoring

Use case example: there is an emergency, someone uses Yuman's Fleet Monitoring System to send robots to specific locations while remotely tracking ALL their positions.

Our Team

The Minds Behind Yuman

Sara Lopez

CEO, Co-Founder

Honours MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from DTU (2022)


Andrei Chirtoaca

CTO, Co-Founder

MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from DTU (2021)


Tilia Lind Hasselager


MA in Industrial Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture (2020)


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